Henry Hauck

 Henry catamaran charterBorn in a small town in Germany I went to Munich to study mechanical engineering and ended up in the film business.
Beside my work with filmcameras and computer editing, I was always involved in extreme sports. White water rafting, climbing, hanggliding and paragliding became my favorites.

It was clear to make films about this activities and I was very successful. Because I had the view of a movie maker in the subject. I received many awards for my work and this extreme sport films changed my life for the second time.
I founded an editing company, one of the first computer editing studios in Munich.

Sailing around the world, was always a dream - but far away.
1000 people are dreaming.
100 learning how to sail.
10 people buy a yacht
1 only starts circumnavigating.

There is a day in your life where you have to decide: Now or never!

In 2003 I bought my first yacht and started.

Two or three years around the world, that was my idea. But soon I realized: This is my way! I did not like to go back, I enjoyed my new life!

Now I'm in the Palawan, Philippines sailing with charter guests.

Even today, after more than 13 years on sea and more than 100000 nautical miles I like sailing!