Sailing around the world.

2002, in Finike a tiny town in Turkey I found my first yacht, Antares, a Comat1050 from the Italian Comar shipyard. My first sailing year was learning by mistakes! Of yourse I had a sailing license, but I quickly had to find found out: If you are on the helm by yourself the license is worth nothing!


2004 I crossed singlehanded the Mediterranean sea, and sailed to Gibraltar. From there to the Canary islands and over the first big ocean: The Atlantic Sea.  A 21 day adventure with rain, storms, broken wind-pilot and destroyed mainsail. Enough time in Trinidad/Tobago to wait for spare parts and join the fantastic carnival there. Music, parties, rum and good beer make the waiting time more than easy.
The next 6 years I spent in the Caribbean. Between the Rio Dulce in Guatemala, Utila in Honduras and the South coast of Cuba.
Capt Henry160My idea was sailing around the world in 3 to 4 Years. I know than, that I do not like to go back to my former life in the movie business. So I swapped my 1050 Comet to the Catamaran ASHANTY. The name was given from my dear friend, the famous Honduranian dancer and singer Ashanty Crisanto.

Than the next bis jump:
Through the Panama Canal and to Galapagos islands, where all illusions about this unique islands have been destroyed. Beside a exceptional dive with hundred of hammer head sharks at Gordon Rock, I did not see much of untouched wildlife, but thousand of tourist arriving with planes and Cruise ships!

Another 32 days sailing brought me and my crew member Kevin in a much nicer world. The Marquesas Islands in the South Sea. One of my best memories are about this widely untouched place, with its friendly people.

Kevin left there and I sailed single handed to Tahiti, than another big jump to Tonga. Fiji was the next stop. A very nice place with a great sailors communitiy!

After Fiji I had to cross the equator again. This time from South to North, from Solomon islands to Kapingamerangi atoll. This was the hardes sailing ever. Thnderstorms, waves, squalls and a lot of rain. Sleepless for weeks.  Further on to Palau. Here I learned that you need sailing permits for everything! Even in the harbour a permit is required. Short time stay in expensive Palau and another single handed sails to the Philippines.

VheberlyNice here, great here, friendly here!

Now Vheberly is sailing with me. She has an official Philippines Captain License, is from the Cuyo islands in Palawan, speaks English, Tagalog and Cuyonin, the local dialect of Palawan. We both like this wonderful place with its untouched islands.
Probably the most beautiful group of islands in the Philippines you will find in Palawan.
Astonishing rock formations, white beaches and crystal clear waters. A perfect spot for sailing and island hopping.