Let your Adventure begin!

It is our intent that your stay aboard of Catamaran ASHANTY be a unique, joyous and wonderful experience creating life-long memories. Like any endeavor, it is important to ensure that all expectations are known!

You will be cruising in remote areas of the Philippines, uncrowded, beautiful and somewhat primitive, inhabited by some of the most wonderful people on earth.
You will escape from the mundane, hectic and stressful pace of the Western world to a place where time stands still. So, let us go over your adventure.

So how does the day go?

You will arise at your leisure to a healthy fresh breakfast: ham and eggs, cereal, German home made bread, marmelade, fresh ground coffee and always fresh local fruits. The breakfast time is 8 am or later.
Than we sail to one of the nice islands here. This takes between 2 hours and 4 hours. You will understand that cooking is difficult while sailing.

After anchorage lunch is prepared and served. Sandwich, pasta, salad or pancit. Afternoons are for relaxing, snorkeling, kyaking, stand up paddle activities.
Please accept that the crew have a lunch break too.

The day ends with Sundowners on the fore deck followed by dinner under the stars.
Dinner can be:
Porcloin with cream cheese sauce, Gulasch with noodles or “spaetzle”, Salad with tenderloin from Brazil, fresh local fish with jasmine rice, Spagetti Bolognese or our speciality original Spagetti Carbonara di Napoli.

The food on ASHANTY is fresh, delicious and abundant often with a local Filipino flare. Supplies in this part of the world put some limitations, so don’t expect Western gourmet resort type meals, those are for the less adventurous travelers.
Please advise us of any handycaps, food allergies or dietary requirements as some we are simply not able to accommodate.

The boat goes silent after 22:00 pm

Our cruising season is November to June, if you like to sail with us, let us know as early as possible.

Now for some reality:

As you can imagine, water and electricity are limited on a sailboat. Yes, we have a watermaker and yes, we have solarpanels, but we like to ask you to be economical with our resources. Shower not like home and charge your electronic devises only when the engine are running or when our battery computer allows it.

We have two large “trampolines” in front. They are perfect for lie down, relaxing and/or watching the stars. They are not meant for jumping!
We do not wear shoes on board, we have storage for your shoes.

Please pack light, you need nothing fancy nor anything for warmth – at all!

Do bring swim wear, sturdy sandals, and quick dry light casual clothing, (synthetics work much better than cotton).
To prevent over exposure to the sun you might want a long sleeve top, and a hat.

Safety is paramount on ASHANTY, please keep clear of work areas such as the galley during meal prep, the captains helm and storage areas when sailing.
Freezer and fridge are NO GO areas!

Internet is limited and often not available in certain anchorages, you are here to relax, remember.
We can supply a guest wifi with limited connectivity for a small extra cost. Please inform as in time.

Sailing does not include alcohol, we encourage you to shop before you board to ensure you get what you like.
If not possible, wine and beer is available on the boat for sale. Please clear your bill before you depart.

How long you like to sail with us?

We recommend a minimum of 4 days sailing trips, specially if this is your first time on a sailing boat.

If your sailing trip is longer than 4 days, please accept one evening dinner at a nearby resort. For sure we will arrange transportation from/to the airport.
We can also arrange reservations in a resort before or after your sailing trip.

We can arrange land tours such as the bizarre Safari Island Caluit and diving trips with a certified dive shop. Shoreside activities and dining are at your expense.

When visiting the secret hotsprings of Sangat dive resort, we recommend dinner at the resort as a gratitude for the maintanance of this hidden place and still free entrance.

Let your adventure begin! Always feel free to asks any questions you might have.
We look forward to having you aboard of Catamaran Ashanty and sharing the wonders of the Philippines with you.

It is our quest to make your time on ASHANTY a memorable and wonderful time.